Laura Edelblut
21:42 16 May 22
Raymond Dominey
21:24 16 May 22
John Marshpund is fantastic…excellent service, knowledgeable, courteous, and efficient. He went the extra mile to diagnose a very difficult intermittent problem.
Lawrence Foster
21:08 16 May 22
The maintenance person was very professional and polite and knew what he was doing I am very happy with the service
Lawrence Foster
20:56 16 May 22
Ron Conner
20:50 16 May 22
Victor Ward
14:54 16 May 22
Betty Barlow
14:17 16 May 22
Howell's is always on time and does a good job. I like the fact they take the time to explain everything to you. YesMatt is awesome and does a great job.
Kristin Parrish
00:46 16 May 22
Polly Miller
17:59 13 May 22
CL performed my annual AC check-up. He is very thorough & detailed. He takes the time to explain & answers any questions. His professionalism is truly an asset to Howell's Thanks so much!
Brenda Morgan
18:30 11 May 22
Lindsay Mosca
17:11 11 May 22
Howell’s was great to work with! Responsive and they were quickly able to send someone to help us out. Our technician was on time, kind, and knowledgeable. Highly recommend!
Deborah Willis
13:23 10 May 22
Dan Delman
10:31 06 May 22
Eileen M.
18:55 05 May 22
Mr. Marshund was friendly, knowledgeable and professional. He is an outstanding representative for the company. I would recommend Howell's to anyone.
mary venn
19:11 03 May 22
I regularly request the services of CL.Kenny. He is professional, competent, friendly. He goes about his work in an efficient manner. I trust him and am very pleased with his services.
Criss Faison
17:20 03 May 22
Technicians are excellent! Mark was polite, efficient and prompt. I always receive notice of pending arrival and a picture of the tech. And a phone call if running late. Recommend these folks enthusiastically!
Bill Jacobs
13:44 03 May 22
Work was very profesional. Very well doneExcellant workmanship. Five stars
Coressa Robinson
01:11 03 May 22
Bradley was right on time and very professional.
Franklin Mitchell
15:33 02 May 22
The tech was really good.He checked everything then he had to go back to the shop for a part 👍👍GREAT !!
Susan Falbo
15:19 02 May 22
Spenser was right on time and did a thorough and professional job. Using Howell's twice-a-year service relieves me of maintenance worries and has served me well.
Frank Gullotta
19:55 29 Apr 22
Always first rate in every way possible
Ed Stakem
18:46 29 Apr 22
Alex Niedermayer
01:06 29 Apr 22
C.L has been our maintenance technician for the past 5 years an is always professional and friendly.Two years ago C.L came out to maintenance our system and advised we get a new thermostat. We didn’t right away, and we should have, we bought one to do ourselves but were not up to changing it once we found the concerns about our old system’s mercury. Was a relief to get it taken care of today and C.L was quick to get everything taken care of after making sure we understood all our options for our system again.Thank you for all you do!
Editza Mendoza Aguilar
00:04 28 Apr 22
Jim Lankford
13:38 27 Apr 22
Matt Bennett arrives on time, is very thorough and courteous. He did a great job performing our semi annual maintenance check on our system. Thanks Matt!
Ronald Orr Jr
20:11 26 Apr 22
Quick Respons , Located The Problem with in minutes Repair Was Done!!👌 John The Technician Was Great!!👌
Martha Dumas
17:23 26 Apr 22
Kenny did a great job! Very professional!
Leslie Sale
16:43 26 Apr 22
Carol Iacone
13:40 25 Apr 22
Bob Phillips
15:39 22 Apr 22
Very knowledgeable and professional, a real joy to have visit and discuss heat pump options with, would definitely recommend his services.
Carter Bogese
13:15 22 Apr 22
Mark was very professional, pleasant, and very knowledgeable. He answered all of my questions and addressed a few concerns I had. And it turned out they were nothing to be concerned about.
16:38 21 Apr 22
Excellent and punctual service
20:16 20 Apr 22
Our Technician Aaron was knowledgeable and helpful in giving advice on replacement parts. He was thorough, straightforward and able to explain issues in layman’s terms. Finally, Aaron was personable and truly cared that we had our system running at its best and getting it there in a cost effective way.I use Howell’s HVAC team at my home and office because they are honest, reliable and employ well educated HVAC mechanics.
Gloria Carroll
15:34 20 Apr 22
Matt's sense of responsibility towards my HVAC maintenance CONTRACT, exceeds all my EXPECTATIONS!!! Matt provides excellent, outstanding service!!!!Please reach out to Matt Banton and express my deep appreciation for the exceptional service he provides.I deeply appreciate, MATT BANTON!
S Long
14:53 20 Apr 22
I have used Howell’s twice and they have been amazing to deal with from scheduling to arriving ON TIME and doing quick, clean and professional work. I would highly recommend them for heating or air conditioning issues in your home.
Alexandria Kunz
13:59 20 Apr 22
I have been using this company since purchasing my home in 2018. They have not disappointed.
Ben Guyton (ETAzero)
21:06 19 Apr 22
Mary Ann Wolfgang
20:52 19 Apr 22
Anna Rodriguez
22:22 18 Apr 22
Wilhemina Elliott
21:12 18 Apr 22
Spencer was excellent great customer service, was on time for appointment, explained everything to look out for and made future recommendations
Dan De Gaust
19:35 18 Apr 22
Margaret Brounk
16:06 18 Apr 22
Technician was prompt, friendly and efficient - always a positive experience with the people at Howell’s, whether it’s over the phone or in person!
Behzad Tamaddon
15:48 18 Apr 22
The Technician John and the company are superb. I enjoy working with them. I am customer for more than 20 years .
Edward Blumberg
21:04 16 Apr 22
We just had our HVAC system checked on Wednesday as part of our “Comfort Club” contract. Jason did a great job as always. He made a recommendation to replace the contactor on the compressor, as it was humming. He said it would probably last a year before we would need to replace it. I opted to wait it out till our next service visit. Guess what? The system died on Friday! Not only did the contactor fail but it also fried the transformer in the furnace! Guess if it wasn’t for bad luck, I wouldn’t have any! Anyway, we called Howell’s on Friday afternoon and they said they would have a technician come out Saturday morning. Spencer showed up exactly when they said. He spent the better part of 4-1/2 hours troubleshooting the system, replacing parts, checking the thermostat readings and settings and performing electrical continuity checks, before he got the system running normally. Spencer went above and beyond in his task to first off figure out the problem, then setting out to make the repairs. He did an outstanding job for us today and we really appreciate his hard work. Spencer is a true asset to Howell’s as his attitude, and professionalism speaks volumes of the type of person he is. In the Military we would say BZ Spence!Bravo Zulu means WELL DONE!
Charles Oley
04:37 16 Apr 22
Suzan Quesenberry
01:03 16 Apr 22
Cabe was on time and professional. Great service as usual! We've always been pleased with the quality and service we receive.
Bobby Saunders
20:48 15 Apr 22
Greg Steininger
21:19 14 Apr 22
We were experiencing issues with our first floor hvac unit causing warm temperatures. After placing a call for service at 330 in the afternoon, Matt arrived at our home by 430. Quick, professional service. Matt quickly diagnosed the issue and had our unit back up and running within 15 mins. Always a pleasant experience using Howells Heating and Air.
Courtney Goodwyn
21:04 14 Apr 22
I am very satisfied with the service from Howells and the technician John.
Joe Nicholas
20:33 14 Apr 22
Always polite and courteous. Have Jon perform my semi-annual service. Great company.
Deborah Butler
18:02 14 Apr 22
Rodney did a great job with the maintenance and alerted me to a mold issue. He installed a UVC light module and as usual I am very satisfied with Howell's .
David O'Donnell
13:22 14 Apr 22
Tech performed thorough inspection of entire HVAC system as part of our Howell Comfort Club membership. Also responded to a couple of related specific requests I had. Very satisfied.
Gina Richardson
18:32 13 Apr 22
Andrea Neiman
14:42 13 Apr 22
I have used Howell's Heating and A/C since 1989, when we moved into this house. The Staff is always polite and responsive to my requests and/or questions. The technicians are knowledgeable, on time, professional, and friendly. They are eager to answer any questions. Their semiannual maintenance program is a great value, and I believe the new system that they installed, was a good price. Thank you everyone at Howell's!
Forrest Clarke
18:23 12 Apr 22
Howell’s does a great job, every time. Every service tech I’ve worked with has been professional, courteous, and efficient. They take time to show me what they are evaluating and answer my questions. John Marshpund is the BEST - he has worked on our rental property and primary home for many years.
Patricia Foster
15:12 12 Apr 22
We have lived in our house since 1986 and have always used Howell's to service our heat pump. Howell's installed a new unit in 2019. Matt's father was our tech before Matt. We always request Matt now.
Wendy Harrington
19:00 11 Apr 22
Don Large
13:59 11 Apr 22
always helpful and reliable service!!
Sonny Stowers
15:44 09 Apr 22
MartaJean Hofacre
19:04 08 Apr 22
Alex Chapin
17:43 08 Apr 22
I have their annual service contract which is a good deal. They also just came out to check my system to make sure it was operating properly after my Nest thermostat indicated that the HVAC system had an issue. I've had good experiences with them so far.
Mark Cross
22:55 07 Apr 22
George Wickham
16:05 07 Apr 22
Excellent! Thanks.
Ray Nieves
01:18 07 Apr 22
Gene Wilson
00:52 07 Apr 22
Mark and Jason were excellent...very thorough service and nice to work with during service
15:53 06 Apr 22
Very professional and courteous
Ann Russell
20:29 05 Apr 22
Adele Topham
02:51 05 Apr 22
Spencer Brandon is professional, knowledgeable and very pleasant. I’ve been a customer for years and have never had an unpleasant experience with Howell!s That’s why I continue to use them.Adele
Tanya Sargent
19:45 04 Apr 22
David Culotta
15:28 04 Apr 22
It's nice to have service people show up on time.The problem was located and fix in short order and checked out the unit to see all was working as it should.Very pleased.
Cindy Jernell
20:29 01 Apr 22
Kathy Geiser
19:15 01 Apr 22
Howell has many wonderful employees......especially Sarah as she answers the phone and makes your appointments. She is so kind and very pleasant. Then there is JOHN - a technician. He is absolutely wonderful and so knowledgeable. John does a great job at whatever he's assigned to do - you will be amazed and will feel comfortable you have received the very best service. You can ask for John when you make your appointment.
Ralph Poupore
22:23 31 Mar 22
Good communication: Howell's contacted me early to let me know the tech's prior assignment was running over, and rescheduled ours for later in the afternoon. Then, when he was ready earlier, they contacted me to confirm we were available.Aaron arrived promptly, asked a few key questions, and began his assignment. He was pleasant, polite, and had a professional manner. He conducted the a/c system review efficiently.
brandon moretz
16:34 31 Mar 22
Aaron Brown did a wonderful job with the HVAC maintenance. He also did very well with my dog! Ask for Aaron Brown for your HVAC needs!
Jennifer Oliveri
20:48 30 Mar 22
Robin Moore
01:45 30 Mar 22
On time, very nice and informative.
Terry Owens
21:32 29 Mar 22
Everyone I've dealt with have been professional and listened to what we've said. They did a great job installing the new HVAC system and checking it out later as promised. Everyone who has come to the house is good with pets, especially our cats who love to meet and greet visitors. Highly recommend this company.
William Frye
17:23 29 Mar 22
Tony was right on time, very professional. It was 20 degrees outside and he apologized for having to turn off the heat. Was a struggle to check AC due to low limit switch keeping unit from operating, bypassed that and got everything cleaned and checked. Will highly recommend Howell's.
John Gillian
13:36 29 Mar 22
Very courteous and profession service.
Ping Pong
12:20 29 Mar 22
Matt is very courteous, respectful, trustworthy and task oriented. He did a thorough job of maintenance on our systems. It was a delight having him in our home and I appreciate that he took great care with ladders, tools, etc.
Jody Hall
17:17 25 Mar 22
Shirley Holloway
13:01 25 Mar 22
Matt was excellent. Knows what he’s doing, gets it done quickly and is very professional. Huge trust factor with this company.
Michael LeCroy
11:33 25 Mar 22
CL is a very nice young man, like his mannerism as well as his professionalism
Skip Bottom
22:27 24 Mar 22
Very professional and thorough yearly inspection. And respectful of the covid restrictions and precautions that are necessary.
Barbara Treakle
20:59 24 Mar 22
Jason was professional, on time(early) and did a good job. Customers will be requesting that Jason to be the one come for service.
Jaraun Ransome
19:36 24 Mar 22
Stephanie Holt
13:42 24 Mar 22
Robbin Haydon
17:16 23 Mar 22
Adrienne Quarles-Smith
03:04 22 Mar 22
Charol Shakeshaft
19:48 21 Mar 22
mi ch
00:08 20 Mar 22
Mike Dean
20:27 19 Mar 22
Very pleased. Spencer was very professional.
Kyle Rosch
13:38 17 Mar 22
Paul Huddleston
18:36 16 Mar 22
Sara is great and Rodney was great also.they make sure the customer is taken care of
Dave Wampler
15:23 15 Mar 22
Arun Sagar (spark)
13:42 15 Mar 22
Howell's replaced our 25+ years old HVAC system with a 92% furnace and 16 SEER Carrier unit. Steve the sales manager was very patient with my lengthy decision process and addressed all my clarifications promptly even after the install. Philip's install crew was fabulous. Josh the lead, Anthony and Steve diligently worked 2 days and were very respectful.Crawlspace ductwork to the supply vents has been upgraded to a metal trunk design. Wife's greatly pleased with the awesome airflow downstairs and the better heat on the under 20 days. Also moved to a larger furnace filter from the 1" return vent. That's helpful too. The included Honeywell programmable thermostat has reduced our need to manually move the old needle and we can wake up to a fully warm floorA great company to work with, this being our first major home project. HVAC work is kinda black box, with no price transparency from the manufacturers. Howell's is good value and easy to work with. Hope this great experience continues thru maintenance!
Frank Saunders
00:39 15 Mar 22
Tim Martin
14:51 09 Mar 22
Very capable, professional and personable.
Mark Sprowl
22:37 08 Mar 22
We’ve dealt with Howell’s over the years and have experienced very good service.
Blair Swecker
22:27 08 Mar 22
I have used Howell's for I think 25 years. They have installed 2 new units for us in our last 2 houses. Every installer and tech has been very professional and kind. I am a very happy customer.
Sharda Briceno
21:18 08 Mar 22
The technician was very professional and knowledgeable. They were very thorough in the inspection of the equipment and answered all of my questions. They provided multiple options to address our concerns and made recommendations based on their experience.
Roxanne Bennett
20:14 07 Mar 22
Very impressed with efficiency of diagnosis and repair of our tankless water heater.
Thresa Harris
15:08 07 Mar 22
Spencer arrived on time, was courteous, knowleable, neat, made helpful suggestions, explained and answered all of my questions. He completed the service, identified a potential issue and replaced the part today while here today, negating the need for an another service call. Spencer is an excellent example and representative for Howell Services.
Brian Melton
03:14 05 Mar 22
Rodney was great. Did a professional job.
Cory Cole
19:36 04 Mar 22
Rodney was very through and professional. Very satisfied.
William Stoops
14:35 04 Mar 22
Tony came on time as scheduled for a semi-annual tune-up. My heating and air condition system seem to be in good condition. I was pleased with the service. I was prepared for the service, but I would have been pleased to have received an email reminder notice a few days before the service.
Virginia Gambino
21:25 03 Mar 22
Douglass Griffith
19:18 03 Mar 22
Good professional people and Service
Kathy Callis
19:08 03 Mar 22
First time using Howell’s & Rodney the tech, was exceptional. He found our issues and explained everything clearly along with the solution.
Bill Dadmun
18:58 03 Mar 22
I just bought a new gas furnace and A/C unit for my home, and I could not be happier! My old furnace was loud when it would start up, I knew that, but I did not realize how loud until I slept through the night with my new one! Quiet, efficient, warm or cold as required....who could ask for more! Just had my 1 year tune up. All is well and Tony was great! One of the best decisions I have made regarding this home.Three years later and the unit is running like a champ! Tony is great on providing regular service to keep it that way!
Chris Lythgoe
18:10 03 Mar 22
Clyde Parsons
16:16 03 Mar 22
I continue to be impressed with their level of customer service. I have used Howells for years and would recommend them without reservation ,
Mary Kathryn Woodward
21:30 01 Mar 22
Howell's responded quickly and professionally. Same day repair!
Ronald Bell
00:04 26 Feb 22
Shelia Davenport
20:32 24 Feb 22
Mark is always great. We have used Howell’s for many years. Always professional, does a wonderful job. We highly recommend this company.
mel wright
15:59 24 Feb 22
Great service and we are pleased
Editza Mendoza
13:28 23 Feb 22
Carole Robertson
22:36 21 Feb 22
Excellent work!
Marlon Stewart
14:33 18 Feb 22
Heather Mazzurco
16:22 17 Feb 22
James Craner
17:53 16 Feb 22
Very reliable and HONEST people. Last minute problems happen sometimes. Promptly offered a solution and we'll tackle that soon I'm sure. I know they will stand behind the work.
Sandra Wiley
17:47 16 Feb 22
Could not have asked for better service for our small, malfunctioning ac/heating unit. Our call was answered withi 24 hours, and Tony Tinsley Sr was knowledgeable and helpful in correcting the problem and a good ambassador for Howell's. Thank you!
Michael Devlin
20:19 14 Feb 22
Aaron is great!
george laux
17:39 14 Feb 22
Excellent work. Highly recommend.
Timothy Coplan
17:21 14 Feb 22
Phillip Tackett
14:27 14 Feb 22
Robert alan Lewis
18:41 11 Feb 22
Wayne Duke
14:45 11 Feb 22
Jason actually arrived a little earlier than expected. He performed the maintenance on my HVAC unit, pointed out some minor issues at this inspection, and gave some good advice about the condition of the unit. Very knowledgeable about his trade.
Terry T
22:24 10 Feb 22
We are always happy to see John and consistently pleased with the ser ices provided by Howell's.
Dan LeCroy
19:02 10 Feb 22
Edward Carter
02:51 10 Feb 22
As usual, the Technician arrived on time, checked the thermostat and did the maintenance work on the furnace efficiently. He was courteous & polite and answered the questions I proposed in language I understood. He moved any old materials that hindered his working area and worked on the furnace. After he finished, he gathered his tools and replaced the items that were moved in the work area as it was before he started work.
Marlene Hudgins
20:51 09 Feb 22
I can't say enough about Howell's Heating & Air Conditioning. We have dual heat (heat pump & propane) and have been using them of years in our old house and this house. Rodney was very professional and polite. He went about his work checking our system for its annual checkup and he was so quiet while doing it. He even replaced something that was left off when the new system was installed at no charge. Very good work.
R Johnson
17:47 09 Feb 22
C.L. and his assistant, Cole, showed up on time. C.L. was thorough and explained the issue in detail. He made sure everything was running smoothly and correctly before leaving. His assistant, Cole, was quite helpful as well. I will request C.L. for future HVAC appointments with Howell Heating & Air
Marshall Higgins
14:22 08 Feb 22
Walter Clarke
21:07 04 Feb 22
Richard was very thorough and attentive to details. I even learned a little more about my system that I did not know before.
Bernadine Allen
02:45 04 Feb 22
Responded in a timely manner on a Thursday night. Quickly diagnosed problem with thermostat. Replaced with one on his truck. Done in less than an hour.
Mayank Parekh
00:19 04 Feb 22
Joyce Turnbull
15:50 02 Feb 22
Can't say enough positive about this business. Not the first time I used them but if possible I am even more impressed..Have used for both AC and heating and highly recommend.
Malcolm Barbour
17:18 01 Feb 22
Technician did a great job. Showed me the part he replaced. Efficient and courteousreplaced. Efficient and courteous
Kari Childress
22:04 31 Jan 22
Geoffrey Scott
19:53 31 Jan 22
Troubleshoot humidifier. Technician was very helpful to correct an issue with the humidifier.
Kevin Jones
11:47 31 Jan 22
Ann Kramer
19:51 30 Jan 22
Josh Lambert
19:25 30 Jan 22
Patty LaFratta
18:23 30 Jan 22
Sandra Wynn
16:33 30 Jan 22
CL goes above and beyond ensure our system is operating properly. He is very professional and extremely knowledgeable. He is definitely an asset to Howell’s Heating & Air.
Pat Dillard
16:10 30 Jan 22
Technician was prompt, clean, courteous, professional and thorough. The ladies in the office are always professional and helpful. I have used Howell's Heating And Air Conditioning for many years. They would always be my go to for my heatpump issues. Dependable, prompt and professional!
Eileen McMahon
14:13 30 Jan 22
Jadon is very knowledgeable, professional and courteous.
Eugene Tiller
13:02 30 Jan 22

Heat Pump Install in Richmond, VA 23173

We have used Howell’s for years. They have put a new heat pump in our old house and the house we are in now. We have always signed up for their maintenance twice a year. The individuals that have come have been very professional and knowledgeable. They go about doing their work, but will always take the time to answer any questions and will let us know if we need something and why. On a couple of occasions we have had to call on the weekends. Our calls have been answered quickly and if the problem can’t be solved over the phone, the tech will be right out. I recommend Howell’s whenever I have the chance.

Heating Repair in Glen Allen, VA 23058

In a nutshell, we are long time customers of Howell’s. The most recent experience says it all. Email to website at 11:30pm on the first frigid night-Help! Heat not working correctly! Return call from office at 7:15am. Technician at 8:30am. Toasty warm by 10:00am. Kind & professional employees. There is no room on our go-to list for anyone but Howell’s. And, yes, we have tried many others in Richmond.

HVAC System Repair in Richmond, VA 23173

Howell’s Heating and Air was a significant upgrade to our previous experience with an HVAC company. The previous company, very small and probably not licensed, left us in a life-threatening situation. They installed an incorrect system under our home and then never completed the venting. We had carbon monoxide venting under our home all winter instead of being vented outside the foundation. We were very fortunate that we didn’t end up with Carbon Monoxide Poisoning or worse.

When Howell’s and other HVAC companies came to evaluate our situation, Howell’s response stood out from the rest as they gave us multiple options on how to resolve the situation as well as providing a very competitive quote.

Howell’s completed their work in a timely and efficient manner. Henrico County inspected their work and was very complimentary of the craftmanship. The inspector commented that Howell’s very rarely has any issues with their work. Finally, when the new system needed a few tweaks after the first couple of months, Howell’s came out in very short order and addressed our concerns. All in all, a very positive experience working with Howells. I recommend Howell’s and Brice Winston to anyone that is looking for an honest, straight-forward HVAC partner.

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