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Indoor air quality service.

Want to improve the indoor air quality (IAQ) inside your Ashland home? Experience nothing but true bliss at home—it should be your sanctuary and provide you with an ideal level of comfort.

Let Howell’s Heating & Air help maximize your indoor experience. We can step in to help eliminate contaminants and dangerous particles that could negatively impact your air quality.

Our indoor air quality specialists can handle all your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) needs. We specialize in creating healthier and more comfortable homes—let’s get started with your Virginia home today!

Our Howell’s Heating & Air Professionals Are the Experts

At Howell’s Heating & Air, our mission is simple—to help you enjoy the comfort of your home. We have been keeping families safe for over 50 years! Our professionals are NATE-certified and equipped with the knowledge and tools to transform the atmosphere of your home.

Tips to Reduce Indoor Air Pollution Inside Your Ashland Home

A healthier, cleaner home begins with you. Dust, pet dander, mold spores, smoke, bacteria, and viruses are all examples of the different contaminants that could be infiltrating the air inside your home right now.

Minimize indoor pollution and promote better indoor air quality by doing the following:

  • Try to avoid any aerosol sprays inside your home, including hairspray, cooking sprays, or deodorant spray.
  • Avoid smoking inside your home.
  • Open your windows to let in some fresh air.
  • Sweep and mop your floors.
  • Dust your fans, shelves, tables, and furniture.
  • Add some indoor plants for better humidity levels.

Regularly cleaning your home and remaining vigilant about your indoor air quality is a good start—but you may need additional support to help eliminate contaminants and pollutants circulating inside your home.

What Products Can Help Improve My Indoor Air Quality?

Our Howell’s Heating & Air professionals offer a variety of products to help you combat poor air quality. No matter the issue, our experts can create a plan and recommend the appropriate products to ensure the air you are breathing in is safer and cleaner than before.

Some of the best indoor air quality products include:

  • Air Purification Systems
    Air purification systems destroy airborne bacteria and viruses and eliminate strong odors. Whether you need a residential air cleaner like the iWave-R or a whole-home air purification system like the UVPhotoMAX Signature Series, our Howell’s Heating & Air experts are here for you.
  • UV Lights
    Try an innovative solution for air sanitization. Opt for an ultraviolet (UV) light like the UVC-Advantage™ and enjoy breathing in the cleanest air. UV lights can sterilize your HVAC components to prevent moisture from accumulating. They will also destroy mold and bacteria lingering on your drain pans and drain lines. With reduced allergens and cleaner equipment, you can experience improved air quality.
  • Whole-Home Humidifiers and Whole-Home Dehumidifiers
    Controlling your indoor humidity levels helps reduce the risk of mold and prevents dry air from cracking your wooden furniture and floors. Adding a [whole-home-humidifier] to increase your level of indoor humidity and [whole-home-dehumidifier] to decrease excessive moisture in the air could be exactly what you need.
    Industry experts recommend keeping your home’s humidity levels within the range of 30 to 50 percent [LINK:]. Let us help you by coming up with a plan to achieve this.
  • Another product worth mentioning is a carbon monoxide monitor (CO).
    If you don’t already have a carbon monoxide detector, be sure to add it to your home—it protects you and your loved ones. Carbon monoxide monitors alert you when carbon monoxide is present in your home, which can lead to sickness and even death.Let our Howell’s Heating & Air professionals install the battery-powered NSI 3000 CO monitor—a top-quality product that uses the same technology and sensors as professional-grade monitors used by contractors, fire departments, and utilities.With the NSI 3000 CO monitor, you get alerted before carbon monoxide levels reach high enough to cause carbon monoxide poisoning. With the help of a trusted carbon monoxide detector installed by our indoor air quality experts, you can relax knowing the air inside your home is safe from the dangers of high carbon monoxide levels.

Indoor Air Quality System Installation and Replacement

When it comes to installing and replacing your indoor air quality systems and products, it’s important to have a reliable team of experts you can trust to get the job done right. With our Howell’s Heating & Air professionals, you can trust your equipment will be set up to operate as efficiently as possible.

Discuss the financing options available to you so you can start improving your indoor air quality immediately.

Indoor Air Quality System Repairs

If there are any issues with your indoor air quality systems, do not hesitate to reach out to our Howell’s experts. We will evaluate your system and address any issues we discover so you can get back to enjoying cleaner, fresher air at home.

Indoor Air Quality System Maintenance

Routine maintenance is essential for all the main systems in your home. That includes any of your indoor air quality systems and products. Trust in our Howell’s Heating & Air professionals to clean, inspect, and help protect your equipment so it can last for its full service life.

We believe in maintenance so much that we offer our Comfort Club maintenance program to ensure all of your HVAC equipment remains in great shape. As a member, you get discounted repair rates, priority service, and an accrual of $50 in Bonus Bucks each year to use toward a new system when the time comes.

Start Improving Your Indoor Air Quality Today

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“Sarah provided THE BEST customer service and helped me decide whether to purchase the IWave.
I called several companies, but chose Howells as soon as I met Sarah. She knows more than any of the other companies' sales people I encountered. She is not only knowledgeable but goes out of her way to provide answers and a fair price.
The IWave was installed by "CL" who was superb and knowledgeable. He was able to address all of the concerns and questions re: use of the IWave vs other products. I really appreciated his knowledge base and professionalism. He, too, provided The Best customer service! I Highly recommend Howells Heating and Air!”

- Becky L.

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