Do you want your heating equipment to operate efficiently for many years to come? Opt for routine maintenance.

Scheduling professional maintenance visits throughout the year allows the furnace in your Ashland home can do its job. Looking for ways to save extra money? Preventative maintenance is key. We can catch potential issues before they have a chance to develop any further!

You can always rely on Howell’s Heating & Air for reliable furnace maintenance services. Our NATE-certified professionals are here to ensure your furnace creates a comfortable environment inside your Virginia home. Let us provide the professional tune-ups, cleanings, and inspections your heating equipment needs to thrive, and turn to our experts when it's time for a furnace replacement.

When Should I Schedule Maintenance for My Furnace? 

We recommend scheduling a furnace maintenance visit at least once a year.

Consider scheduling a preseason tune-up between the end of summer and early fall.

A preseason tune-up provides you with peace of mind, especially since your heating equipment stays on the sideline until it gets colder outside. That means your furnace doesn't operate for at least half the year!

Furnace Maintenance in Ashland

Take the appropriate steps to ensure your furnace works when you depend on it most! Request service online today.

Imagine trying to turn on the heat during a cold evening, and nothing happens. Howell's offers 24/7 emergency heating repair services for this very reason, but trust us-planned maintenance can help avoid these types of problems from occurring in the first place.

More often than not, we repair issues that might have been preventable through routine maintenance. In many cases, these minor issues escalate to a higher repair cost.

Be proactive and remain comfortable inside your Virginia home by scheduling the necessary preseason tune-ups and maintenance services your heating equipment requires.

What Are the Benefits of Furnace Maintenance Visits?

An overview of just some of the many benefits routine furnace maintenance provides includes:

    • Supports optimal system efficiency and reliable performance
    • Encourages your furnace to operate for its full service life
    • Helps reduce and stabilize your heating expenses
    • Decreases the risk of serious problems and costly repairs
    • Prevents your system from breaking down prematurely
    • Allows you to get the most out of your investment

Comfort Club Maintenance Program

Prevent the inconvenience of having a problem with your furnace by ensuring you stay on track with all the appropriate maintenance visits and recommended services for your equipment. Our Comfort Club helps you do just that.

By becoming a member of our maintenance program, you never have to worry about missing a crucial maintenance service. Enjoy perks like priority scheduling, discounted repair rates, and an annual accrual of $50 in Bonus Bucks you can use toward the cost of a replacement system.

Why Schedule Maintenance With Our Howell's Heating & Air Professionals

With Howell's Heating & Air professionals, you can expect our experts to ensure your heating equipment is working correctly. We offer solutions to help improve its capabilities and extend your system's service life.

Since 1969, our experts at Howell's have made it our mission to serve customers like you with the highest quality of service. You can depend on our team of NATE-certified professionals to address any issues and prepare your furnace for the change of season.

We will perform the following to ensure your furnace remains in top condition and operates at its best potential:

    • Clean or replace your furnace filter
    • Inspect all heating components for safety and efficiency
    • Lubricate, clean, test, and tune the appropriate parts and equipment
    • Assess the service life and overall health of your system
    • Inspect your air ducts and offer duct cleaning and sealing if necessary
    • Evaluate your thermostat and ensure all functions are working correctly

Call to Schedule a Maintenance Visit for Your Furnace

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