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Disinfection for HVAC coils on roof-top style HVAC systems and other outdoor applications.


UVMatrix UV systems for commercial HVAC systems use UVC light to kill microorganisms on coils, surfaces, and airstream—including mold, flu viruses and bacteria
As HVAC systems work to control indoor climates for temperature and humidity, HVAC operation also tends to contaminate and distribute indoor with allergens, bacteria, and viruses. This is due to bio-growth that occurs on wet cooling coils and other interior surfaces, and from the distribution of allergens, pathogens and particulates that enter the building in one location to every room in the structure as the air is circulated.

UVMatrix™ 4X: Compact design with NEMA 4X rated electrical cabinet for operation outdoors and in wet areas
The 4X-Series UV light system is a compact and NEMA 4X rated, so it is ready for outdoor exposure. It is lightweight and easy-to-install with no installation hardware to buy. The cabinet is fiberglass and weather-tight and its UltraMAX UV lamps have a 360° dispersion for maximized airstream disinfection. The 4X’s UltraMAX T3™ UVC lamps (see more below) have an industry-leading two-year life expectancy for surface irradiation.

Improve indoor air quality, reduce HVAC energy use and cut maintenance costs—at the same time!
Ultravation has developed eco-smart solutions that work to prevent the health issues that arise from poor indoor air quality. They are eco-smart because of the very real environmental benefit of reducing HVAC energy use and maintenance costs:

  • Energy use is reduced because the HVAC coils are continually cleaned of mold and other biological contamination with the 24-7 application of UV-C light. The gradual reduction of efficiency between conventional cleaning is eliminated. The energy saved can far exceed the energy used by the highly efficient UVMatrix UVC system.
  • Maintenance costs are reduced because UVMatrix 4X continually cleans the HVAC cooling coil, reducing or eliminating the need for expensive and environmentally-detrimental chemical HVAC coil cleaning techniques to remove the bio-growth that gradually accumulates on wet HVAC surfaces.

Ultravation T3™: More disinfection power, less energy used
Ultravation’s T3 design UV-C lamps emit 40% more UV-C, with no additional energy cost. Using economical standard UV lamps, Ultravation achieves the disinfection power of power-hungry high-intensity lamps through their patented lamp system that thermally optimizes each lamp—for more output than is otherwise possible without increased energy consumption.

UVMatrix 4x t3      UVMatrix4X t3-2


Applications: UVC coil cleaning for rooftop HVAC systems and other outdoor/wet locations, for HVAC bio-growth prevention, allergy relief, HVAC cooling efficiency optimization, airstream disinfection, elimination of coil cleaning as a result of bio-contamination.

Installation: By Ultravation or local commercial HVAC contractor

Sizing and Estimation: Please contact us for project estimate with dosage recommendations

Technical Drawings: Click here to download UVMatrix 4X technical drawings in PDF format

Warranty: 10-year system warranty (excluding lamps)

More UVMatrix features: Safety Interlock • Dry contacts for use with optional remote monitoring • Reliable and UVC-optimizing electronic power supply helps extend lamp life • Auto voltage sensing 120-277VAC operation

Options: Single or two-lamp models with lamp lengths of 12, 22, or 33 inches.


Get UVMatrix 4X!



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