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What You Need to Know about the Ecobee Smart Thermostat

Posted by Howell's Heating & Air on July 27, 2017

Ecobee4 Smart Thermostat with Amazon Alexa

More than likely if you keep up with the latest in technological advances, you’ve heard of the Ecobee4 Wifi thermostat. Upon first glance, it may appear that it’s one of many Smart thermostats on the market; however, it's not. Let’s take a look at this innovative thermostat: the technology behind it, its pros and cons and where it stands in the industry.

NextGen Technology: Ecobee4 WiFi Thermostat with Alexa

With all that it does and its seamless integration with other technologies, Ecobee with Alexa embedded within it is undoubtedly a Nextgen thermostat. Its minimalist design and elegant dashboard provide a wealth of information and control at your fingertips.

The Ecobee4 is more than Alexa compatible. This Smart thermostat comes with Amazon Alexa Voice Service as a part of its system. So, with Alexa installed within, the Ecobee can do whatever Alexa can do, as well as control all of your HVAC settings!

You can fulfill many everyday tasks with a simple command to Alexa. 

"The Ecobee4 is definitely the smartest smart thermostat we've ever reviewed." - CNET


What's the Technology Behind the Ecobee with Alexa?

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Ecobee4 is designed with microphones embedded within its console. These microphones have far-field voice recognition that allows it to hear you speak from across the room. The Ecobee-Alexa speaker is engineered for clear voice response and full sound so that you can hear it from across the room.

What Do You Do to Make It Work?

  • All you have to do is say, “Alexa.”
  • Alexa hears from across the room as the blue light on top of the thermostat flashes in response.
  • Ecobee with Alexa will respond and perform assigned task, like "turn down the temperature"

What Are Some of the Alexa Commands You Can Use with Your Ecobee4?

Alexa responds to a wide range of commands. Here are some examples:

  • You: “Alexa, set a timer for 30 seconds.”
    Alexa: “30 seconds, starting now.”
  • You: “Alexa, play jazz.”
    Alexa: “Here’s a station for jazz music.”
  • You: “Alexa, set my Ecobee to 72 degrees.”
    Alexa: “Ok.”
  • You: “Alexa, give me a recipe.”
    Alexa: “I have an assortment of recipe skills to help you.”
  • You: “Alexa, add eggs to my shopping list.”
    Alexa: “Sure. Eggs are now on your list.”

Click here for a list of other commands to which your Ecobee-Alexa responds.

What are Some of the Pros of the Ecobee4?

Excellent Design

  • Alexa is a part of the device. It doesn’t have to be installed.
  • Minimalist, elegant device with a simple, clear-cut dashboard. It looks like the Ecobee3 with the only difference being that it has a blue LED bar on the top. This bar lights up with Alexa is activated.

Has Remote Sensors

This is one of the strongest points of the Ecobee4 WiFi thermostat. It works best when paired up with remote sensors that can be placed in whatever rooms you want them to be. It can be set up to work with a maximum of 32 sensors. These sensors can detect when you’re home or not and automatically switch the system from Home to Away and back again.

The Ecobee4 uses these room sensors to provide the exact temperature you want in each of the rooms where they're installed. The Ecobee can manage cold and hot spots and keep all rooms at a moderate, comfortable temperature. 

Reduces Energy Costs

This Smart thermometer helps homeowners save 23% per year on their heating and cooling costs and is Energy Star certified.

Manages Your Home’s Energy Profile

The Ecobee4 has the technology of the older Ecobee Smart thermostats and is designed to understand your home’s energy profile. When not running on the remote sensors, it can take into account the weather and your home's profile to turn your home's HVAC system on or off with the goal of maintaining your comfort.

Integrates Local Weather Conditions

This thermometer is designed to use your local weather conditions in managing your home's temperature. Reading the weather, it adjusts your system to minimize the amount of time for cooling or heating your home.

Multi-Stage Heating and Cooling

This thermostat used multi-stage technology for heating and cooling. It kicks into a higher stage when the indoor temperature in very different from the outside temperature. Then when it’s close to time for you to comes home, it turns on the lower stage.

Sends Reminders and Alerts

The Ecobee4 can give a reminder when its time for you to change the filter or you need to have your system serviced. It also sends an alert if its monitoring system picks up anything that isn’t working optimally. Of course, you can program your Ecobee to remind you of a task.

Cost-Efficient Cooling

This Smart thermostat picks up when its cooler outside than it is inside. When that’s the case, it will pull in the cooler outside air to cool your home instead of using the air condition. This keeps a comfortable home while lowering your energy bill.

Air Conditioning “Overcools” to Dehumidify

If you don't have a dehumidifier, the Ecobee can switch to air conditioning when your home is overly humid. Switching to air reduces the indoor humidity.

Fan Dissipation

The Ecobee can switch to running the fan to maximize cooling and dehumidifying. At the end of a cooling or heating cycle, the Ecobee Smart thermostat can command your HVAC to keep the fan running long enough to maximize heating, cooling and dehumidification.

Maintains Optimal Humidity

Ecobee4 monitors and regulates your indoor humidity to keep frost from building up on your windows when it’s cold outside but there's high humidity inside.

Provides a Personal Energy Audit via Home IQ

Home IQ is Ecobee’s exclusive feature that provides you a detailed reading of your energy usage. It also provides information on the performance of your equipment. Finally it estimates your monthly energy savings.

Stays Powered Up

This thermostat is hardwired so that your system doesn’t rely on a battery or the HVAC system to charge it.

You Can Set Up Ecobee at Home

Setting up Ecobee4 at home is easy to do. If your home is compatible, you an install it yourself. If not, you can set up your Ecobee with a professional installer.

Are There any Comparable Products to the Ecobee?

The most comparable device is the Nest, but most HVAC experts would agree that the Ecobee smart thermostat sytstem has bypassed Nest by quite a bit.

Ecobee Vs. Nest!



Give the New Ecobee Thermostat a Try

The Ecobee4 with Alexa has more pros than cons. It's the future of thermostats. If you want to give the Ecobee a try, then look no further. For a limited time, Howell's is running a $25* off sale on the new Ecobee WiFi thermostat. 

Contact Howell's Heating & Air to learn more about the Ecobee Smart Thermostat or to schedule installation in your home. We are well-known for our efficient AC repair services in Richmond that meet the highest industry standards. Our clients can also count on us to help them with dependable AC installation services in Glen Allen, and other areas. 

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