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What Is the Best Residential Heating Option?

Posted by Howell's Heating & Air on September 18, 2020

As the winter season approaches, it is time for homeowners to think about howWhat are three common heating systems? to stay comfortable and warm during the coldest months of the year. If your heating system is aged or has broken down, you are probably looking for a suitable replacement that will keep your home cozy throughout the winter. 

In this article, the leading heating installation professionals in the Mechanicsville, VA area share tips on choosing the right kind of heating system for your home. Whether you are wondering which kind of furnace is best or want to find the most efficient heating system on the market, you’ve come to the right place. Read on. 

What are three common heating systems? 

There are several types of heating systems that rely on different mechanisms and technology to heat your home, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. 


Furnaces are a popular choice among homeowners owing to their widespread availability, effectiveness.. Also known as a forced-air heating system, a furnace keeps you warm by heating air and transporting it throughout your home through a ductwork system. They typically run on oil, electricity, natural or LP gas and have high efficiency ratings.  

Heat pumps 

Looking for a system that can keep you comfortable all year long? A heat pump could  be a great choice as they can both heat up your home and cool it down. Heat pumps rely on an external source (usually in the ground or from air) to provide them with heat which is then transferred to your home through a heat exchanger. Benefits of heat pumps also include high efficiency, eco-friendliness, and combustion-free operation, while a drawback is that they may experience performance difficulties in extreme climates. 


Unlike furnaces, boilers use water to heat up your home by distributing it via a system of radiators or similar piping systems. A great majority of modern boilers run on gas, although there are electric and oil options available. The main advantages of boilers include their efficiency, longevity, even heating, and low maintenance requirements. On the other hand, boiler installation can be quite complex and expensive. 

What is the best way to heat your house?

Which heating system is the best option for your home will depend on a number of factors specific to your situation. Here are some questions you should consider before deciding on a heating option: 

  • Does your home have ductwork? If your home already has a central air conditioning system or you plan to have one installed, a furnace may be the best option. If not, you may want to consider other options that don’t require ductwork installation. 
  • Is heating efficiency important to you? If you are looking for a highly efficient system that will bring you maximum energy savings, consider purchasing a heat pump system. Or high efficiency furnace.  
  • Do you want an eco-friendly heating system? If reducing your carbon footprint is important to you, heat pumps may be the best choice owing to their high efficiency and low energy consumption. 
  • Do you live in a moderate climate? If you live in an area that is extremely cold, consider getting a furnace or boiler. This is because heat pumps work best in moderate climates. 

Depend on the finest heating installation technicians in Mechanicsville, VA

What is the best way to heat your house?Is your furnace breaking down? Are you on the lookout for a quality heating system for your home in Mechanicsville and the area? At Howell’s Heating & Air, we work with a team of trained and experienced consultants  to bring affordable high-efficiency heating options to homeowners. We repair and install heat pumps, furnaces, and air conditioners that can improve your indoor comfort, control humidity, and reduce your environmental impact. 

Whether you live near Three Lakes Park & Nature Center or anywhere else in Henrico County, make sure to give us a call. Schedule a consultation today and make the best decision for your comfort. 

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