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Furnace Control Board Problems | Heating Repair in Richmond

Posted by Howell's Heating & Air on December 18, 2019

Maintaining your furnace fully functioning is essential for creating a comfortable home and minimizing energy waste. To ensure that your heating unit stays in good condition, you need to resolve furnace control board issues promptly by contacting certified technicians as soon as possible. To schedule professional heating repair in Richmond, you need to be able to recognize the first signs of malfunction. 

Afterward, your HVAC contractors can take the necessary steps to tune up your furnace and ensure its optimal performance. 

How do I know if my furnace control board is bad?

In general, furnaces can have two different types of control boards:How do I know if my furnace control board is bad

  • Ignition control boards. These control boards are used to control the ignitor, the flame sensing circuit, and the valve. This type of control board is now less common and typically found in older units. 
  • Integrated furnace controls. In the case of these control boards, the integrated features function similarly to the previous type. However, they also control the furnace blower. 

Either way, a furnace control board controls individual components by performing a sequence of different operations. If a control board starts to break, you will notice some of the following signs of malfunction: 

  • Warning lights. Typically, control boards have LED indicators that function as warning lights. If you notice any red warning lights, immediately contact your HVAC technicians. 
  • Temperature instability. Should you notice fluctuations in your indoor temperature and feel too cold or hot in your home, chances are that there’s a problem with your furnace, especially if your thermostat demonstrates no signs of malfunction. So, contact your HVAC company and schedule a check-up at your earliest convenience. 
  • Interruptions in the event sequence. A furnace control board follows a certain sequence of events. For instance, the first step is turning on the induced draft motor followed by pressure switch closing, etc. If you notice that the ignition is not turning on, the blower keeps running even after everything else has stopped, etc., reach out to your HVAC provider straight away. 

If you notice any of these signs or simply aren’t sure if your furnace control board is fully operational, contact licensed and qualified HVAC specialists to inspect and fix your control board furnace. This requires professional experience and knowledge, so you shouldn’t try to do it on your own. 

What causes the furnace circuit board to fail? 

The furnace circuit or control board can begin to fail for a number of reasons. If you have an electric furnace, some causes of circuit board failure may include the following: What causes the furnace circuit board to fail

  • Loose wiring. After a certain period of time, the furnace wires will become loose due to the vibration. Consequently, this can cause a short and the failure of the furnace circuit board. Luckily, a professional can easily fix this problem by detecting the loose wires and fixing them. 
  • Clogged furnace filters. Debris and dust can cause the air filters to clog, resulting in the overheating of the blower motor. 
  • Dirty or wrong fuse. A wrong fuse that’s too small for your furnace or one that hasn’t been cleaned in a while can also cause the circuit board to break down. 

Contact the NATE-certified heating repair specialists in Richmond

Should you experience any problems with your furnace control board or simply need annual furnace servicing, Howell’s Heating & Air is at your disposal. We’re the leading HVAC professionals in the greater Richmond area and can deliver top-quality services at competitive prices across surrounding neighborhoods. We take pride in numerous AC repair projects that we have conducted in Mechanicsville and beyond.

Our technicians are highly qualified and NATE-certified, having passed professional OSHA training, so they're more than competent to give you advice on furnace energy efficiency ratings.  

Furthermore, we strive to deliver our services with the utmost convenience and flexibility, bringing no disruptions to your everyday duties and plans. Thus, if you’re planning to take your friends to the Edgar Allan Poe Museum, we’ll do our best to get the job done in a timely manner. Contact us & schedule an inspection today!

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