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Heating Maintenance & Winter Preparation | Heating in Richmond, VA

Posted by Howell's Heating & Air on October 30, 2019

Your heating system requires proper maintenance. You need to make sure your unit is safe and fully operational and ready to keep your home warm and enjoyable throughout the heating season. Of course, scheduling an appointment with trusted experts in heating in Richmond, VA will go a long way in keeping your heating system in excellent condition. 

Additionally, your maintenance approach should suit the specific type of your heating system to ensure it’s optimal functionality and maximum efficiency. Aside from learning how to properly care for your heating unit and get it ready for the winter, you can also inform yourself about different ways to cut your costs and heat your home more efficiently. 

How do you maintain a heater?

Proper heater maintenance is essential for minimizing the risk of any malfunctions and making sure your unit will be fully operational during the heating season. The maintenance and cleaning process can vary depending on the type of system you have.

Although you can always schedule professional maintenance for your heating system, there are a few steps you can take to do it yourself. 

  • Have a maintenance plan. If you want to keep your heating system in excellent condition, make sure to clean and service it at least twice a year - before and after the heating season. 
  • Visually inspect the unit. You can always check your system for any visual signs of damage or malfunction. Visual inspection is a great way to spot any possible problems early on and schedule an appointment with experienced professionals early on. This will help you prevent any major damage to your heating system. 
  • Clean the vents. Before the heating season starts, make sure that the vents are free from any obstructions and possible air leaks. If you notice holes in your ductwork, have them fixed as soon as possible. This will enhance the efficiency of your heating unit. 
  • Schedule professional maintenance services. Even if you clean your heating system regularly, you should still book expert services. Trained specialists may identify possible problems that can otherwise pass unnoticed thanks to their experience and expertise. 

How do I prepare my furnace for winter?

For a cozy, warm winter, you need to make sure your furnace is ready to bring the temperature up in your home. Of course, this is something a professional HVAC technician can handle with ease, but you can also take a few steps in preparing your furnace for the upcoming cold days. Here’s what to do: 

  • Replace the furnace filters. Generally, filters should be changed every three months, but some people recommend this should be done every month. So, the best approach is to check your filters monthly and then replace them if needed. 
  • Have your furnace cleaned by the pros. This is an essential step to ensuring the proper functioning of your furnace. You should book this service before the heating season starts. 
  • Make sure there are no flammable objects nearby. No matter where your heating system is located, there shouldn’t be any flammable items in its close proximity. Make sure that you always have easy access to your furnace.
  • Check and set up your thermostat. You can reduce your costs during winter if you regulate the indoor temperature via a dependable thermostat. You can achieve even better results if you invest in a smart thermostat. Don’t forget to switch from cooling to heating. 
  • Take a look at the carbon monoxide detectors and chimney. There should be no obstructions in your furnace’s chimney. Also, check if the carbon monoxide detectors are fully operational. 

Contact the best heating pros in Richmond, VA & get ready for the winter

If you need help getting your furnace ready for the winter or simply with regular maintenance of your heating system, just go with the best HVAC team around & give us a call. Howell’s Heating & Air consists of the best HVAC professionals in the area and we’re ready to prove it. We offer efficient heating installation and dependable AC repair services in Richmond that meet industry standards and guarantee comfort, efficiency, and quality. What's more, you can also count on us to help you with professional AC installation in Ashland, and a number of other areas. 

The best thing is that our services are so convenient and timely that we won’t disrupt your everyday life. You’ll even have time to visit the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts because we’ll be done before you know it. Contact us & get ready for the heating season effortlessly!

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