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AC Installation: How Can Air Conditioning Improve Air Quality?

Posted by Howell's Heating & Air on August 17, 2020

Yes, your air conditioning unit can improve air quality. Although it can sound a bit strange to those not professionally in the AC business, modern AC units actually improve the quality of air in your home or at the office. However, some prerequisites have to be met in order for your air conditioning unit to be operating completely efficiently.

First, you need to make sure you’re protecting your air conditioner from dust. Also, if you’re using an old air conditioning unit, you have to service it on a regular basis. Finally, you need to consult your local AC installation experts in Glen Allen whether or not your AC unit is good to go. After that, it’s all about learning how ACs improve air quality.

Does air conditioning improve air quality?

Yes, air conditioners do improve the quality of air in your home. AC units function like this – they take in the air through the return duct and then it passes through a filter and over a cold coil before pushing it back out by using a series of vents.

Does air conditioning improve air quality

It is this filter that actually gets rid of the large particles from entering your home, while the air handler pulls excess moisture and water soluble particles out of the air. This will drastically improve the air quality in your home. 

However, if you want to ensure that your air conditioning unit is functioning properly, and that it keeps improving the quality of your indoor air, there are things you have to take care of first.

How do I make sure my AC keeps improving air quality?

When it comes to making sure your air conditioner is functioning to the best of its ability, you have to perform regular maintenance of your AC unit. This means contacting professional air conditioner repair personnel to do the following:

  1. Contact AC pros to change the filter: The cleaner the filters, the cleaner your air. Have your AC team regularly check and replace your filters and when they get dirty will ensure maximum air quality.
  2. Schedule evaporator coil cleaning: Although there are some air conditioners that offer simple access to the evaporator coil, it’s always best to have experienced AC repair technicians visit your home and do it for you. A clean evaporator coil is essential for clean air.
  3. Have the ducts cleaned: Dirty ducts blow dirt into your home, and you don’t want that. Have professional air conditioner repair technicians clear your ducts to increase air flow, decrease health hazards, and eliminate any pollutants.

What are the health benefits of air conditioners?

By cleaning the air through filters and air handler, air conditioning units make your indoor air cleaner and healthier for all inhabitants. Here are the three biggest health benefits of air conditioners who are maintained by professionals on a regular basis.

  • AC units maintain optimal air humidity by dehumidifying.
  • Air conditioners provide adequate and constant ventilation for your home.
  • Air conditioning units improve air quality by removing pollutants and allergens.

Do air conditioners purify the air?

Air conditioners can keep the air in your home clean, especially if you use filters with a high MERV rating. Although they are not able to completely purify the air in your home, they help immensely by removing pollutants and allergens.

Even though many claim that air conditioners have only a comfort purpose, that is not entirely true. Air purifiers are better at purifying your air than air conditioners, but Ac units also have their merits, especially if you install a suitable air filter.

What are the differences in MERV ratings for air filters?

The higher the MERV rating of an air filter, the more potentially harmful particles it can catch before the air from the AC enters your home. Let’s take a quick look at what different MERV ratings mean.

  1. MERV 1-4 – Air conditioners with 1-4 air filters are low cleaners.
  2. MERV 5-8 – These filters are usually made from paper or pleated cloth and they capture more particles than 1-4 filters.
  3. MERV 9-12 – These air filters boast a high quality and they can capture tiny particles. 
  4. MERV 13-16 – These filters can purify the air of very tiny microns, up to 0.3 in size. They are the best for purifying air.

Although there are many air filters with even higher MERV ratings, they are not suitable for home use as they are very thick and can obstruct air flow in your home.

Who are the leading AC installation pros in Glen Allen, VA?

Do air conditioners purify the airIf you’re looking to install an AC unit in your home for both comfort and air purifying purposes, then you should hire the right experts for the job. Howell’s Heating & Air is the top company in Glen Allen for all your air conditioning needs.

We will not only install your air conditioning unit, we will help you maintain it regularly, and fix it should a problem arise. Nothing can match the air quality at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, but treat your home to the next best thing. Contact us today and we’ll help you out.

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