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In Need of Efficient AC installation in Ashland, VA? You’ve Got It.

Howell’s Heating and Air Services has been around since 1969. The main reason we have lasted so long is that we know what our customers want. And what they want is professionalism and reliability.

We install, service and repair a wide variety of air conditioning systems, which is why we are the best choice for your AC repair and installation in Ashland, VA, as well as the surrounding areas, be it efficient AC repair in Richmond, expert AC replacement services in Henrico County, or swift AC installation in Glen Allen, VA.

Whether you need us to set up your cooling system or enhance its performance, we are always ready to deliver. Our services are available in both residential homes and commercial businesses. To top it all off, we offer a range of high-efficiency models designed to save you energy and money.


Central Air Service Near Me: a Reputable Provider of AC Installation in Ashland, VA

Howell's has been serving the Ashland AC installation and repair needs for over fifty years. Because we are dedicated to hiring cream-of-the-crop staff and training all of our technicians extensively, we can proudly attribute our success and reputation to our employees. As a way to ensure that our customers are satisfied with our service and safe in the knowledge that we did the best job, all of our technicians are NATE-certified.

What Are NATE-Certified AC Installation & Repair Technicians?

The North American Technician Excellence (NATE) is a huge nonprofit organization connecting AC technicians across the country. This organization partners with AC installation technicians, AC contractors, and air conditioning companies to provide valuable resources and knowledge to them.

We Serve Ashland, Virginia and the Surrounding Region


A Commitment to Service

Here at Howell’s Heating and Air Services, we firmly believe in top-tier customer service. We teach our sales staff and technicians to always put the customer first and to always do what is in the customer's best interest. Our sales staff and AC technicians respect you and your time and confidence in them. They will arrive on time and looking professional. You can rest assured that your AC in Ashland, VA will always be in good hands with us in your corner.


Need Help with Your Cooling Equipment?

Our AC technicians are highly skilled and trained to work with a variety of cooling systems and are knowledgeable about the advantages and disadvantages of each system. They will be able to tell you which system might be best suited for your home based on all of the information they gather during the free consultation and assessment and their vast experience and knowledge.

We can help you by offering any of the following services:


Air Conditioning Installation & Repair

We are glad that your quest for “premium quality air conditioner installation near me” has led you to us. Now let’s take a look at what you need to know prior to the AC installation process.

Air conditioners became widespread and absolutely necessary for most Americans a long time ago. Nowadays, there are so many different types and brands of air conditioning systems that it may be difficult to keep track of it all.

However, at their basic level, air conditioners are very similar to refrigerators. They use electricity to compress a type of gas called refrigerant. When under pressure, this gas cools, turns liquid, and is pushed into the evaporator in your indoor unit. There it exchanges heat with the air in your home, leaving your home cooler, while it warms up.

The refrigerant evaporates due to the increase in temperature. It is then pushed into the outside unit, where it is once again compressed, giving off the heat and becoming chilled again.


Having dry air in your home can lead to, or exacerbate a whole host of health issues. However, we now have the ability to artificially set humidity levels. There are separate devices which can increase humidity, or they can be a part of your whole AC system.

Even though those devices consume more electricity, they can be quite necessary, especially in drier climates.

Indoor Air Quality Management

Indoor air quality is mainly concerned with the quality of air inside your home as it relates to the health of the occupants. In order to successfully manage indoor air quality, you need to know what the most common pollutants are indoors, as well as how you can remove them from the air.

If your home is experiencing increased doses of particular pollutants, you may need to take more immediate actions. One of the most common solutions is installing higher grade air conditioning filters, such as HEPA filters. Consult our AC installers, the leading experts in the field of AC in Ashland, VA, to learn more steps.


We Offer Some of the Best Cooling Equipment on the Market

Here at Howell’s Heating and Air, we try to offer our clients the best and broadest selection of AC equipment from a variety of reputable manufacturers. That’s why we work with Carrier, York, Mitsubishi, Honeywell, Generac, Apilaire, and are trained to work with many other brands.

We're also a Carrier Dealer and members of the Better Business Bureau, National Comfort Institute, the Richmond Chamber of Commerce, Virginia Chamber of Commerce, and many other organizations.


Don't Take Our Word For It



HVAC Service in Ashland, VA
★★★★★ 5 / 5 stars
Rated By Carmen & Terry

“We have been customers of Howell's for 45 years. They are The Best! We recently called with an issue and they scheduled a service call that same afternoon. We always request Chris Lockett and we know that the problem will be resolved before he leaves our home. He is like family to us. We have had other service staff and all have been very competent and friendly."



Our Guarantees

We will go all out to be the first thing that comes to mind when you ask yourself “Where do I go for impeccable air conditioning installation near me?” If within the first year of a new installation you're are not 100% satisfied with the performance of your equipment, our service, or even our team, we'll remove the system within 30 days of your request and refund the entire amount of your investment. This is just one of our many guarantees, all of which are aimed at giving you peace of mind!

Schedule AC Service in Ashland, VA

Home of the Strawberry Faire and the Hanover Arts & Activities Center, Ashland, Virginia is a charming town with plenty of things to do in your free time. All you need to do is take your pick! If it is “air conditioner installation near me” that you need, we are the go-to place, in Ashland itself and nearby locations. Rely on us for efficient AC installation in Tuckahoe, VA and entrust AC repair in Short Pump, VA to our team! Our team can also perform fast AC installation in your Lakeside homeflawless air conditioning repair in Mechanicsville, VA or readily provide any other AC service in Midlothian, VA. The Howell's Heating & Air crew is here to cater to all the cooling needs you have. Contact us now to schedule a follow-up call!


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  • “Howell's is awesome! Too often, we only hear of complaints, and I wanted you to know the service was great… I am in real estate and my office will always recommend your company to other agents, clients, and friends.” -Mary E McElroy, Commercial Customer
  • “One phone call and at 8 o'clock on a Friday night a tech is here & had the parts on his truck. I will never call anyone else.” -Dennis U.