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Why Fall is a Great Time for an HVAC Tune Up

Posted by Howell's Heating & Air on September 29, 2016

HVAC MaintenanceFall is one of the best times of year to tune up HVAC equipment. If you’re going to get a tune-up or two each year, which you should, why not pick Spring and Fall? HVAC companies aren’t as busy as they are in Summer and Winter, so it’s often easier to get an appointment.

HVAC Equipment in Central Virginia

Summer is a very taxing time of year for HVAC equipment here in Virginia, so you’ll want a tune-up to make sure the system is running at peak performance when summer comes to a close.

If you have a heat pump, winter in Central Virginia can make HVAC equipment work just as hard. Unless you want to be stuck with a broken system when you need it most, it's best to get a tune up before the harsh cold weather hits.

HVAC Tune-ups improve system efficiency, help avoid breakdowns, and extend the life of HVAC equipment.

What Happens to HVAC Equipment During Harsh Weather Months?

HVAC_Unit_Covered_With_Snow.jpgSummer and Winter are when systems usually breakdown. Most HVAC companies find themselves working around the clock to help families and businesses keep systems running. Many of these HVAC breakdowns could have been prevented or avoided with regularly scheduled maintenance and at no inconvenience to your family.

Fall and Spring are considered downtime in the HVAC industry, because so many people only call when they have a problem. We encourage customers to use this opportunity to tune up HVAC equipment to keep equipment running as efficiently as possible.

Tune Ups, Cleaning, and Filter Changes Extend the Life of HVAC Equipment

As you probably know, replacing HVAC equipment is expensive. If you do nothing to maintain HVAC equipment, you’ll be lucky if that equipment lasts 15 years. Equipment that’s maintained regularly, cleaned, and given fresh filters every one to three months could last 25+ years.

  • If an HVAC unit costs 5,000 and lasts 15 years, you’ve paid $333 per year.
  • Extending the life of that unit 10 more years, could mean $3,333 in savings!

Comfort Club Membership Includes 2 Annual HVAC Tune-Ups

Our Comfort Club Membership costs as little as $20 per month for a single unit system. This includes two tune ups and cleanings, discounts on repairs, and an annual accumulation of $50 in "bonus bucks" per year to go towards a new unit.

Scheduled HVAC Maintenance for Autumn

If you live in the Greater Richmond Area, use this opportunity to tune-up HVAC equipment. Change your filters, and don’t forget to keep leaves, snow, and debris clear from the intake unit. You can count on Howell's to render high-quality AC repairs here in Richmond, as well as maintain your HVAC system over in Tuckahoe and throughout the area. 

Contact us to schedule maintenance or sign up for our comfort club program.

Schedule Your Tune Up

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