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HVAC Spring Maintenance Part 2 | HVAC Maintenance Service in Ashland

Posted by Howell's Heating & Air on April 29, 2020

Scheduling professional HVAC spring maintenance is one of the first steps you should take as soon as the warm weather approaches. Having your system inspected, serviced, and prepared for the spring and the upcoming summer is a great way to improve its energy efficiency and ensure that everything functions properly. 

During the cooling season, you will use your AC system on a daily basis, so you should minimize the risk of possible malfunctions.

Therefore, it’s advisable that you contact your provider of HVAC maintenance service to check your unit in Ashland or anywhere else across the region. They will complete a series of maintenance tasks to prepare your HVAC for spring.

Getting your HVAC ready for springcleaning your HVAC system

In addition to changing the air filters, checking your air ducts, and suggesting possible improvements to enhance the energy efficiency of your HVAC unit, trusted specialists will also take a few additional steps to make sure everything is ready for spring. 

The pros will clean around your HVAC system

When it comes to proper maintenance and service, the pros pay attention to the condition of your exterior unit, especially after the winter when a great amount of debris can gather around it.

Failing to do so can cause wear and tear to the unit and result in possible malfunctions. Consequently, you may have to pay subsequent repairs and maintenance checks that could have been avoided. 

So, experienced HVAC specialists will check the unit and clear any dirt and residue that may have accumulated. At this stage, they will check the exterior unit for damage and clear off any surface dirt and debris. They may open up the unit to check its interior or possibly vacuum the fins. 

HVAC experts will clean and lubricate system components

After making sure there’s no visible damage and that there’s no dirt and debris that could hinder the performance of your unit, your HVAC technicians will take steps to inspect the interior components. For instance, they may check system coils and blower fans. 

At this point, HVAC specialists will clean all the interior components and lubricate them as necessary. This way, they will be able to ensure your system operates properly and eliminate the risk of any untimely malfunctions. 

Your HVAC team will inspect electrical connections

Another important step in checking and preparing your HVAC system for the upcoming cooling season is checking its electrical connections and wiring. The pros will make sure that there are no loose or exposed wires that could cause serious damage to your unit or even endanger you and your family. 

It’s important to mention that you should never deal with electrical issues on your own. If you notice any kind of problem with your HVAC system’s electrical connections, make sure to contact your HVAC contractor immediately. 

Your technicians will test your unitYour technicians will test your unit

Finally, after completing all the important checks, making necessary adjustments, and cleaning the components, seasoned HVAC technicians will test your system to check if everything is operating properly. 

In fact, some HVAC specialists may give your system a trial run before continuing with spring maintenance. This way, they’ll check if your HVAC unit is functional or if they first need to schedule certain repairs first. Either way, testing is an important aspect of any type of HVAC maintenance since it allows your provider to make sure everything is fully functional. 

Contact us for reliable HVAC maintenance service in Ashland & beyond

Here at Howell’s Heating & Air, you can join a regular HVAC maintenance plan and never think twice about system check-ups. In addition to regularly scheduled check-ups, our program brings you special offers and other important advantages. 

What’s more, we’re the preferred HVAC provider across the area, offering experience- and expertise-based assistance throughout the area. Whether you’re located near Carter Park Pool or in some of the surrounding neighborhoods, we’re still here to assist you with anything HVAC-related. Contact us today!

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