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Picking the Best HVAC Company in Richmond, VA

Posted by Howell's Heating & Air on June 14, 2018


Indecisive about repairing or replacing an HVAC unit

When your heating and cooling system needs a major repair or replacement, it's worth it to find a local company who provides licensed, experienced service - at a competitive price. While this sounds good in theory, it can take a bit of time to find that just-right HVAC contractor for your home or business because there are so many to choose from.

We highly recommend asking around for word-of-mouth recommendations from friends, family and other HVAC companies - and then checking online reviews sites, the BBB and the companies' websites to help narrow your top choices.

Things to Know About Getting Estimates and Bids for a Heating and Cooling System

Only contact HVAC contractors who are licensed and insured

It’s wise to verify a heating and cooling company’s license number and check with your local building department (or online) to verify that their license is current. You never, ever want to hire a contractor who isn't licensed. In addition to risking their lack of knowledge, expertise and professionalism - you can wind up voiding any parts warranties from the manufacturer, or jeopardizing prospective compensation from home appliance insurance companies.

Look for a NATE-Certified HVAC technician

natecertifiedEven if a heating and cooling company is licensed and insured, how do you really know that their technicians actually know what they are doing? One way is by only hiring HVAC companies that exclusively use NATE-certified technicians to install and repair heating and cooling equipment.

Forgo those "too-good-to-be-true" online deals

The internet can be a great place to get amazing deals, but forgo the temptation when it comes to replacing your HVAC system. For one thing, whole home efficiency and comfort depends on correctly sizing your unit for your home's size and features, including lot orientation (exposure to solar heat gain/winter shading), quality of windows and insulation, appliances, occupancy, etc.

Purchasing the wrong size, too many features, not enough features - all can cost you down the road in terms of excess energy consumption/expenditure and more frequent repair needs. Also, you may find that while you got a bargain on the unit, it lacks some of the accessories or parts needed to install it - which drives your cost up on the other end.

The best way to get a great deal on new HVAC equipment is to use a reputable, licensed installer who offers great discounts and savings throughout the year.

Take the time to get two or more estimates

IMG_1222Finally, do take the time to get more than one estimate. Ideally, you should aim for at least two or more estimates to review, compare and contrast before making a final choice. This may seem like overkill - and a waste of valuable time - but you’ll appreciate having choices when it comes time to make a decision.

Those estimate appointments give you time to interact face-to-face with each company's service technicians, important representatives of the company's culture. While it takes time to do this, that time is well-spent because ultimately - assuming you're happy with the company you choose - you're forming a long-lasting relationship that will extend to future maintenance appointments, the occasional repair and knowledgeable, trustworthy recommendations about HVAC features, updates and improvements.

Add Howell's Heating & Air to the List

As long as you're taking the time to seek expert HVAC estimates, please add Howell's to the list. We've provided honest and reliable heating and cooling repair and replacement to Richmond-area homeowners for 50-years.

We provide clearly laid-out estimates, and our NATE-certified technicians are always happy to answer your questions so you can make informed decisions. Whether you need us for an urgent AC repair in Midlothian or anywhere else in Richmond or the surrounding area, give us a call or contact us online to schedule your appointment today.

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