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Is Your AC Dripping Water? Here’s Why

Posted by Howell's Heating & Air on July 31, 2020

Water leaks around an outdoor AC unit are not an uncommon occurrence. EvenWhy Is My Air Conditioner Leaking Water? so, noticing water around your condenser unit can be a cause for concern, and it is essential that you know when leaking is normal and when it may be time to contact air conditioning repair professionals in Ashland, VA. 

Without proper routine HVAC maintenance, your system may experience a wide range of issues, including numerous blown AC fuses and frequent water leaks. If you’ve noticed that your unit is experiencing any of these problems, reaching out to professionals should be your first line of defense. They will inspect your unit carefully to determine the cause of the problem, and take the necessary steps to bring your system back to normal. 

Keep reading to find out why your air conditioner may be leaking water. 

Is it normal for AC to drip water outside?

It is entirely normal for your air conditioning unit to leak a little bit of water during routine functioning because it produces condensation while it works. If you notice a small puddle around the condenser unit that dries out quickly if the weather is hot, you probably have no reason to panic. 

However, if the leakage doesn’t stop during the day or if the leaks are frequent and consistent, your air conditioner may need expert repair. If this is the case, reach out to your HVAC technicians of choice immediately. 

Why is my air conditioner leaking water?

Turning off the power is the first step you should take if you notice excessive leaks around your air conditioning unit. This will help prevent electrical damage and protect your home from unnecessary hazards. Once your unit is off, reach out to HVAC professionals and don’t attempt to fix the issue yourself. 

If your AC unit is leaking water, the following factors may be at play: 

  • Clogged filters: dirty filters can cause your evaporator coils to freeze, leading to the water spilling over the AC drain pan.   
  • Blocked drain pipe: the water your air conditioner produces ends up in the drain pan via pipes. If these pipes are clogged or blocked, water leaks are possible. 
  • Incorrect installation: installation issues can also cause AC water leaks. If your unit is new, it may leak due to badly installed drain pan or improper sizing. 
  • Faulty condensate pan: if your air conditioner is old, it is possible that its condensate pan may have rusted, split, or cracked, causing leaks. 
  • Cool temperature: if you use your AC when the outdoor temperatures are too low, your coils may freeze and cause the system to leak. 
  • Refrigerant leaks: low refrigerant levels will lower the pressure present in your air conditioner, which can again lead to your evaporator coils freezing. 

Many of these AC issues can cause severe damage to the system and your home if they are improperly handled. That is why it is crucial to have dependable HVAC technicians in your area who can perform the essential repairs and inspections on your unit. 

The best air conditioning repair Ashland, VA is at your service 

Is it normal for my AC to drip water outside? If you are experiencing issues with your air conditioner in Ashland or anywhere else in Hanover County, contacting Howell’s Heating & Air would be the best solution. We work with certified HVAC technicians who specialize in delivering efficient and reliable AC services, including installation, repair, and the essential HVAC maintenance tasks

If you have any questions about our comfort club or any other services we provide, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We look forward to ensuring the optimal comfort and safety in your home.  


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