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Heat Pump Tune-Ups In Central Virginia

Posted by Howell's Heating & Air on October 12, 2018

Heat Pump Tune-Ups In Central Virginia

 Air conditioning service ashland vaHave you noticed cooler nights lately? A chill in the air? Fluctuations in temperature? Fall is here, which means it’s time for a heat pump tune-up, so you can stay cozy in your living room when it snows. You might only call your local HVAC company when something goes wrong, but treat yourself to comfort and security this fall.

We certainly don’t want the first freezing night to go awry when you reset the thermostat's program and hear a horrible whining or thumping sound! Maybe you don't hear anything at all… To help you enjoy a warm, stress free fall and winter, we recommend a routine Fall HVAC Heat Pump Tune-Up. Changing the belts and fluids in your car helps your engine operate smoothly and efficiently, and your heat pump is no different.

You may have a busy schedule, but we will always find a convenient time, so we can give your entire system a full inspection and diagnose any necessary repairs or replacements before you need to heat your home. Once we arrive, you can gain peace of mind knowing your local heating system specialists made the necessary pump repairs, so you are comfortable for those chilly nights ahead.

Save Money by Optimizing Your Heat Pump

Heat pump installation ashland vaAccording to the Department of Energy, heating and cooling costs can easily be half of a home's energy use, so routine maintenance can yield energy savings of hundreds of dollars per year.

Tune-ups involve vital steps like:

  • lubricating moving parts to increase circulation
  • checking electrical connections to ensure stable power
  • cleaning dust from fans and mechanical parts to remove blockages
  • replacing worn out belts to level the stability

By being proactive during the fall season, your heat pump will operate without issues during the winter, and your lower monthly utility payments will allow for more savings.

Extend Your Heat Pump’s Lifespan

Less issues means a longer lifespan for your heat pump. Today's high-quality HVAC systems can work reliably and efficiently for 20+ years, if they're well maintained. Scheduling a fall maintenance tune-up means refreshing and rejuvenating worn-out parts that can compromise the functionality of your whole system.

As a homeowner, if you wait too long between maintenance appointments, your cost to fix major problems, or replace the entire unit, will far outweigh the cost of tune-ups. Again, the engine that runs your ventilation is not very different from an automotive engine.

Improve Your Entire Household IAQ (Indoor Air Quality)

During the moderate temperature seasons like spring and fall, homeowners have the luxury of opening windows to increase ventilation, allowing fresh air to circulate throughout the house. When weather turns cold, windows are shut tight, and this means that your IAQ is determined by your forced-air system.

All sorts of problems, from poor ventilation and dirty parts, to clogged filters and inefficient burners, will compromise your home's indoor air quality. Our Richmond HVAC specialists will inspect your unit from top to bottom, inside and out, to ensure it's running efficiently.

We offer the same Central Virginia HVAC inspection and tune-up service for HEPA air filtration systems, Germicidal UV lights, humidifiers, and dehumidifiers. Scheduling an appointment for a thorough duct inspection will notify you if mold, debris, or pet waste is contributing to any IAQ issues, and we’ll provide cost effective solutions for each problem.

Don’t Void Your Warranty Benefits!

 Ac repair lakeside vaLastly, the majority of heat pump manufacturer's require bi-annual maintenance to maintain your warranty . Tune-ups need to be done by a licensed professional, such as a Howell’s Heating & Air Specialist. You’ll need to prove you've maintained the system according to your manufacturer's instructions. Failure to provide the correct documentation or receipts can mean voiding the warranty benefits.

In the event of a repair, a discontinued warranty could end up costing you hundreds of dollars; in a worst-case scenario, where lack of maintenance leads to a major overhaul or a complete system replacement, it may require you to pay thousands of dollars. Our friendly staff at Howell’s Air & Heating Systems will help you avoid that at all costs!

What Happens During a Heat Pump Tune-Up?

Heat pump tune-ups involve inspecting the thermostat, verifying the system cycles on/off quietly and consistently, checking and lubricating moving parts, testing and aligning belts, inspecting and cleaning fan or blower motor parts, verifying all electrical/mechanical connections are tight, and changing air filters.

Heat Pump Repairs

Heat pumps use coils, refrigerant, condensation, and evaporation to move heat from indoor to outdoor, or outdoor to indoor. When checking for necessary repairs, our knowledgeable Richmond HVAC specialists inspect coils, condensation drains, and the defrost assembly.

Since the heat pump's condenser is located outside the home, we'll make sure vents are clear, clean, and that the unit itself is free from debris. We'll also verify the unit is pulling the recommended number of amps/ohms to operate efficiently. The specialist will inspect and diagnose the current health of your heat pump, and then inform you about any red flags, system errors, or areas where we can improve your family's whole-home comfort.

Receive Perks All Year Long as a Comfort Club Member

Our complete multi-point inspections and tune-ups range from $100 to $200, depending on the size and complexity of your heat pump, and whether it's been properly maintained. The average price of an HVAC repair runs about $332 per repair!

Our members recommend joining our Comfort Club because we educate extensively on biannual tune-ups and HVAC maintenance to reduce the risk of you spending money on major repairs. We’ll automatically schedule maintenance visits tailored to your availability.

Comfort Club members receive five benefits:

  • 10% off every bill, no questions asked.
  • Discounts on all repairs and replacements.
  • Priority scheduling for all heat pump problems.
  • Free Germicidal UV light for those that consider a two year agreement.
  • Bonus bucks that can be used in the future when you need a system replacement.

We guarantee your heat pump will be in tip-top shape when the temperature drops!

Our #1 Goal is Your Comfort. Call Howell's Heating & Air Conditioning and book your appointment today for honest and reliable HVAC maintenance, repair, and replacement in Ashland, Lakeside, Glen Allen, and beyond.

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