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How Experts Can Clean Your Air Conditioner in 5 Easy Steps

Posted by Howell's Heating & Air on March 23, 2021

How do you clean an air conditioner in SpringLike many mechanical devices, air conditioners operate more efficiently when their components are clean. Since AC units naturally collect dirt, dust, and debris during operation, cleaning your air conditioner out regularly is needed in order to keep power consumption low and prevent expensive AC repair in Lakeside, VA.

Even if you haven't used your air conditioner at all during the winter, there's still a significant chance that it may have accumulated some grime and even become home to tiny critters during the colder months. Addressing this issue is essential in order to ensure your cooling system is Spring-ready

In an effort to help you avoid preventable malfunctions and keep your AC as efficient as possible, we have prepared a short guide on how experts clean your air conditioner in the Spring. Read on to learn more. 

How do you clean an air conditioner in Spring?

Hiring professionals for AC cleaning is usually the best path to take. The first step experts tend to take when starting the clean-up process is to put on rubber gloves and a face mask to protect themselves from breathing in not just dust and dirt, but also any spores and pathogens your AC may have pulled in. 

Here's a 5-step guide on how experts keep your AC spotless:

Step #1: Filters

Every air conditioner contains one or more air filters that are designed to keep particulate matter such as spores, dust, grime, and so on from getting into your home. The more you use your AC, the faster these filters will become clogged. You should have them replaced or cleaned (if they're washable) as needed.

Step #2: Ducts

Dirt, debris, fungi, dust, and bacteria can all accumulate inside air ducts. Luckily, professionals can clean them by removing the vent covers and using a heavy duty vacuum cleaner and some cleaning cloths to clean their interior. This is also a good opportunity to check the HVAC filters and wash or replace them if necessary.

Step #3: Outdoor unit

The next step is to clear out any debris such as twigs and leaves that may have accumulated around the exterior unit of your AC. If any small animals have gotten inside, make sure to notify your local wildlife services so that they can safely remove them. 

Step #4: Condenser line

Next, they will examine the lines leading to and from the condenser unit. They may also spot any signs of damage or missing insulation and perform the necessary repairs. 

Step #5: Cleaning the exterior unit

Outdoor AC units can get quite grimy over the winter or you forgot about it after last Summer.  Giving yours a thorough cleaning and rinsing will ensure it’s running at its best. 

How do you clean the inside of an AC unit?

Unless you're a trained HVAC technician and you have access to specialized equipment, it's strongly advised that you do not attempt to clean out the interior of your air conditioner yourself. It's always best to leave this part of the job to professional HVAC technicians. 

After all, a quality AC is a considerable investment that you rely on to keep you and your loved ones comfortable during the hotter days of the year. If you're uncertain about the correct cleaning process or maintenance practices, it's always better to be safe than sorry.

Where can I schedule dependable AC repair in Lakeside, VA?

How do you clean the inside of an AC unitWhether you're in need of regular AC maintenance or you're looking to replace an old heating system with a state-of-the-art alternative, choosing the right HVAC service is crucial in order to ensure proper installation and optimal performance.

As a fully certified and highly experienced HVAC company, Howell's Heating & Air is superbly equipped to meet your every heating and cooling need. Book our service today and enjoy a leisurely stroll by Lakeside Elementary while our technicians attend to your AC. 


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