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Finding the Best HVAC Contractor | Heating Contractor in Richmond, VA

Posted by Howell's Heating & Air on November 27, 2019

The first step in ensuring the long-term durability and dependability of your heating system is to find a trusted, experienced HVAC provider. An expert heating contractor in Richmond, VA will help you pick the best heating system for your home and offer you reliable heater maintenance tips.

What’s more, a qualified professional will also be able to install your heating system in a timely manner, making sure everything is up to code. This will also minimize the risk of future malfunctions and optimize the performance of your heating unit. Therefore, you should take some time to find second-to-none HVAC specialists who will deliver optimal results. 

How do I choose an HVAC contractor?

You’re likely to find more than a few HVAC companies in Richmond, but not all of them are created equal. It’s of the utmost importance you opt for technicians with vast experience and stellar qualifications who can meet your needs. To achieve this, you should follow these helpful tips:

  • Do your research first. You need to ask around and browse the Internet to find out who the most reputable HVAC companies in your area are. Narrow down your options to the most dependable specialists, considering their length of time in business and checking their Better Business Bureau ratings (and if they are even a member).
  • Ask if they obtain the proper permits. Also, they should have the job inspected and make sure it meets the industry regulations. Discussing this with your provider is essential for avoiding legal liability.
  • See if their technicians are NATE certified. This is one of the most recognized certifications, attesting the excellence and expertise of HVAC specialists. Checking if they belong to other professional organizations can also demonstrate their dependability and trustworthiness. 
  • Check out their reviews. Client reviews are an important indicator of a company’s policies and business operations. You can gather invaluable information by contacting their previous clients or asking your friends for reviews and recommendations. 
  • Don’t be misled by low prices. You shouldn’t go with the cheapest HVAC provider because there’s a risk of getting some hidden fees after your service. The most expensive option isn’t always the best, either. The best approach is to ask a preferred provider to give you a price estimate.
  • Obtain bids from different companies. Then, compare them in detail, taking into account factors such as pricing, warranties, energy efficiency, etc. 
  • Schedule an interview. After finding the top candidates, you should consider scheduling a consultation or interview before sealing the deal. This will give you an opportunity to gather additional information regarding their policies and heating-related services they offer. 

What should I expect in an HVAC interview?

During an interview with your potential HVAC contractor, you should ask a few important questions. Here are a few common questions that will help you determine how professional and dedicated an HVAC contractor is:

  • Are you licensed and qualified? 

To make sure a company is truly reliable, you should ask them about their licenses, experience, and qualifications. Typically, HVAC specialists should be licensed with the state’s Board for Contractors or some other relevant institution. They should also tell you more about their training and previous experience working in the industry. 

  • How will you determine what type of heating system is right for me?

Your chosen provider should be able to identify which system will meet your household’s needs and provide you with optimal energy efficiency. In general, they should conduct an evaluation and suggest a few dependable options. 

  • Do you offer any warranties?

Dependable contractors who are confident in their expertise won’t have a problem to offer a satisfaction guarantee, enabling you to report an issue after the installation of a heating system. If you notice a problem, the company should boast a free uninstall policy within a certain time period. 

  • What heating manufacturers/brands do you offer?

Your HVAC specialists should bring you heating systems from superior brands on the market that will guarantee long-lasting durability. 

  • What does your price estimate include? 

If you don’t want to be unpleasantly surprised by some hidden fees and additional expenses after the installation, you should make sure your contractor offers fully transparent pricing.

What is the best HVAC company in Richmond, VA?

If you need a trusted provider to install your heating system or deal with any HVAC-related problems, you should look no further than Howell’s Heating & Air, your #1 licensed heating contractor in Richmond, VA. Our team consists of reputable, highly skilled, and educated AC repair specialists in Richmond who’ve worked with the industry’s top brands and offer an unmatched level of reliability. 

Additionally, we can help you decide which heating system will suit your household the best and make sure to install it expertly. Once we’re done, you can relax and visit the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts knowing your heating concerns have been successfully resolved.

What's more, since we serve the entire area, we can also help you with, for instance, expert AC repair in Midlothian and adjecent neighborhoods. Contact us today!

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