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CASE STUDY: High-Risk Furnace Leak Fixed In Glen Allen, VA

Posted by Howell's Heating & Air on February 04, 2019

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During the month of February 2018, homeowners in Glen Allen, VA decided to replace two existing HVAC systems which came with their home, seeking a more efficient upgrade without spending too much money.

After comparing three estimates, they decided to choose the least expensive option in the hopes of receiving the same quality of work.


Poor Installation & Unforeseen Hazards Leaves Family In Danger

The homeowners were left with an unfinished installation which, later on, they also realized put their lives in danger.

The chosen contractor was hired to install two new furnaces, two new AC coils, as well as two new condensers. Shortly after the new systems seemed to be operational, the contractor promised to return to finish up any loose ends. As trusting as the homeowners were, they agreed to pay the entire amount with the intention of the contractor completing their business agreement.

Unfortunately, the contractor disappeared, leaving the homeowners with an incomplete, yet functioning, installation. By Spring 2018, the homeowners noticed that the water wasn't draining from the second-floor unit, having to empty the emergency drain on a constant basis in order to prevent overflowing and damage to the ceiling and surrounding areas.

The homeowners also didn't realize the amount of danger their family was in. Carbon monoxide was venting into the attic and crawl space and the possible fire which could have resulted from the contractor using the wrong materials during the incomplete installation.

After many months of living with a partially-functioning HVAC system, the homeowners decided to find a permanent solution, realizing that they made a mistake by choosing the less-expensive option over reputation and experience.

By focusing more on the overall budget than the quality of work and necessary reviews, the homeowners had to spend more on installation costs than initially expected, not to mention occupying an unsafe living environment that went unnoticed for too long.

Taking Proper Precautions For A Safe, Effective Solution

Rather than accepting their fate by continuing the current living situation, the homeowners decided to find a reputable HVAC company with excellent reviews to complete an installation that should've been done correctly the first time.

Howell's Heating & Air came highly recommended by a friend who experienced service worth being acknowledged. Bryce Winston from Howell's Heating & Air offered his expertise by inspecting the current HVAC systems, giving sound advice and insight into the dangers of how the systems were installed and left for the homeowner to use.

After consulting with the homeowners and Bryce's manager, the decision was made to fully replace both HVAC systems in order to provide an installation warranty. It would not be possible for Howell's Heating & Air to comfortably back the new systems if a complete redo wasn't chosen.

Delivering Comfort, Peace Of Mind & Efficiency

Howell's Heating & Air was able to provide the necessary Henrico County Mechanical permits in order to install two brand new HVAC systems. They were also able to address and fix the leakage issues and furnace flues problems.

As a result, the homeowners are able to enjoy comfortable temperatures throughout the home without feeling unsafe.

Howell's Heating & Air also provided the following:

  • Quality heating installation in Glen Allen that will last for many years to come
  • Unmatched customer service by offering a quick turnaround time
  • Peace of mind to the homeowners that they are professional, honest, and reliable service providers ready and willing to help

Customer Testimonial

"Howell's Heating and Air was a significant upgrade to our previous experience with an HVAC company. In our previous experience, the company, very small and probably not licensed, left us in a life-threatening situation. They installed an incorrect system under our home and then never completed the venting. We had carbon monoxide venting under our home all winter instead of being vented outside the foundation. We were very fortunate that we didn't end up with carbon monoxide poisoning or worse.

When Howell's and other HVAC companies came to evaluate our situation, they were all in disbelief at the dangerous situation we were placed in and the poor workmanship. Howell's response stood out from the rest as they gave us multiple options on how to resolve the situation as well as providing a very competitive quote.

Howell's completed their work in a timely and efficient manner. Henrico County inspected their work and was very complimentary of the craftsmanship. The inspector commented that Howell's very rarely has any issues with their work.

Finally, when the new system needed a few tweaks after the first couple of months, Howell's came out in very short order and addressed our concerns.

All in all, a very positive experience working with Howells. I recommend Howell's and Bryce Winston to anyone that is looking for an honest, straight-forward HVAC partner.”

-Kevin Bunting
January 4, 2019

Choosing Howell’s For Your Heating & Air Needs

As one of the leading AC repair experts across the Richmond area, Howell's Heating & Air has a proven track record of putting the client's needs above their own agenda, including:

  • Consulting with the client first before deciding on any one solution to a problem.
  • Relying on customer reviews by delivering unmatched quality service.
  • Offering intensive training to installation crews and service technicians in order to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Possessing the expertise to offer the necessary permits and inspections by being a class A contractor.
  • Ensuring that their technicians are NATE (North American Technician Excellence) certified, of which typically include a very small percentage of all technicians.
  • A long-standing record of being in business for 50-years and having replaced, installed and repaired thousands of AC systems in Glen Allen and the rest of the area.

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