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Better Carbon Monoxide Protection For  Your Family

Posted by Howell's Heating & Air on January 30, 2018

Carbon Monoxide, CO for short, is an odorless and colorless gas which can cause severe health issues, or even death, in humans and pets.  It is found in fumes produced when cars or trucks,  engines, generators, gas appliances and furnaces are running. If these fumes build up, or there is a leak, CO poisoning can occur in a matter of minutes. 

How Can I Protect My Home From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning?

The best way to protect your family and pets is with a CO Monitor which will alert you to a Carbon Monoxide issue before it becomes a problem.

There are a variety of monitors on the market but some offer a higher level of protection than others.  If you searching for a CO monitor, the NSI 3000 Low Level monitor is an excellent choice. 

What Does The Term Low Level Monitor Mean?

The NSI low-level monitor senses CO levels as low as 5 ppm (parts per million). Infants, children, elderly, people with respiratory or heart ailments are provided little or no protection from deadly CO with standard alarms. Long-term exposure to low-level CO above 15 ppm can cause illness and even permanent disabilities.

NSI Programmable ThermostatWhat Makes The NSI 3000 Better Than Other Monitors?

Most CO monitors found in retail stores don't activate an alert until levels reach 70ppm, or higher for 3-1/2 hours or more.  By the time CO levels in your home reach 70ppm, your family or pet may already be experiencing the negative affects of Carbon Monoxide poisoning. 

Plug-in models don’t always allow for proper placement and don’t work during power outages. The NSI 3000 is battery powered for 24/7 protection.

The NSI 3000 CO monitor uses the same technology and sensors as in professional-grade CO analyzers used by contractors, fire departments, and utilities. Plus NSI’s unique Continuous Scan mode lets you know the monitor is operational 24/7!

Is The NSI 3000 Monitor Expensive?

Accurate, low-level CO detection requires better and more expensive components, which can make the monitor more expensive than other models found in retail stores. 

But Howell's is bringing this technology to you for less. For a limited time Howell's is now offering $50 off the NSI-3000 CO Monitor or a FREE CO Monitor with a 2-year Comfort Club Membership.

In addition to bringing you top-quality devices and systems, we also offer professional AC repair and assistance in Richmond and the surrounding neighborhoods. For instance, you can contact our team to deliver effective air conditioning repair service in Ashland and help increase the indoor air quality in your home. 

Call or get in touch for more details about this special offer and our services.





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