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Benefits of Replacing Your AC Unit

Posted by Howell's Heating & Air on July 21, 2016

Most homeowner’s only replace their AC unit when they absolutely have to. So if your unit is on the fritz, or just getting older, it helps to know the benefits of replacing your AC unit, and Richmond's leading AC installation and repair technicians are here to share useful insight!

Repairs Are Getting More Costly

Older air conditioners contain R-22 Freon which is being phased out globally and replaced with R-410A. This means the cost of R-22 Freon is going up, and supplies are dwindling. Eventually the manufacturing plants that make it will be shut down or converted to make other chemicals and R-22 won’t be available at all.

Replacing your old unit with a new model containing R-410A refrigerant will provide you with a more energy efficient model, and one that will cost less to maintain and repair.

Energy EffeciencyEnergy Efficiency Chart

An AC unit more than 10-12 years old might not be cooling your home as efficiently as it used to.

The U.S. Department of Energy will soon require a 20% increase in the minimum efficiency of new home central air conditioners. This means there are more high-efficiency units than ever before, including those with the Energy Star label, that can save you up to 20% on cooling costs.

Get The Right AC Unit For Your Home

Who installed your current AC unit? Did you choose it or was it installed by a builder or already there when you purchased the home?

If you didn’t have the opportunity to work with a professional to choose your current unit, you may discover you don’t have the optimal size unit for your home.  A unit that is too small, or too big, won’t provide the optimal cooling or cool effeciently.  Read more about how to choose the right size air conditioner, or number of units, for your home.

Plan For The Cost

So you’re thinking maybe it is time to replace the AC unit in your Glen Allen home before it breaks down or stops working.  We can help you decide by conducting a simple inspection of your AC system anywhere in the area.

Planning ahead allows you budget for the cost or take the time to find the best financing program for you. Learn more about financing options through Howell’s Heating and Air or read about our Comfort Club program to keep you comfortable all year long.

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