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How to Fix Air Conditioning Cooling Problems?

Posted by Howell's Heating & Air on October 02, 2019

If your air conditioner starts exhibiting cooling issues, you should schedule dependable air conditioning repair in Midlothian, VA as soon as possible. This way, you’ll be able to deal with the problem in question before it causes more damage to your system or increases your electricity bill.

One of the common problems homeowners experience with their air conditioning system is its failure to cool properly. Your AC may be running an entire day without lowering your indoor temperature, so it’s important you contact reliable professionals to determine the underlying cause of this issue.

Why is my AC running but not cooling?

If you want to learn more about air conditioners, you can start by finding out what might be causing your system to stop cooling. Understanding how air conditioners work will help you prevent possible future problems and optimize the performance of your unit. 

  • Broken or inappropriately adjusted thermostat. Your AC will still work if your thermostat is faulty, but it may not cool your home properly depending on the specific problem. The same goes for improper thermostat settings - if it’s set to a high temperature, it won’t be able to cool your home lower than that. 
  • Filthy air filters. If your air filters are clogged with dirt, the airflow will be restricted, which will prevent your AC from functioning well. In addition, to prevent overheating, some units turn off automatically in these situations.
  • Clogged outdoor unit. Dirt, leaves, and other debris may clog the outside unit, which is called a condenser, preventing it from absorbing the indoor heat and extracting it outside. 
  • Hidden air duct leaks. Leaky air ducts prevent the cool air from reaching your home interior. Experienced technicians will inspect your ducts to see whether there are any holes or insulation issues. 
  • Insufficient refrigerant. The AC refrigerant may have leaked out of your unit, preventing it from cooling your home.   
  • Mechanical defects and issues. If there’s any mechanical problem with your AC, it could also be the reason why your AC isn’t cooling your home properly.

How do I fix my air conditioning not cooling?

Now that you’ve learned about the possible causes, you probably want to know how to fix the issue at hand. If your AC keeps failing to cool down your home, you should attempt the following fixes depending on the symptoms your AC is showing: 

  • Thermostat problems: try changing the batteries first. If this doesn’t work, your best course of action is to call licensed HVAC experts to inspect the issue and come up with a solution. 
  • Dirty filter: this one is simple. Open your unit and clean the filter if it’s filthy. If necessary replace it. You should do this at least once a month to ensure proper functioning. 
  • Clogged condenser: keep dirt and debris away from your outdoor unit by cutting any grass, weeds, or shrubbery to make sure your condenser receives good airflow. 
  • Leaky air ducts: this issue is best left to the pros. Choose reliable HVAC experts in your area and have them look at your unit and determine the best approach. 
  • Low refrigerant: the same goes for refrigerant issues. Never try to fix them yourself! Refrigerant leaks can be extremely dangerous so make sure to seek professional help as soon as you suspect them. 
  • Mechanical issues: if you believe your AC isn’t working properly due to a mechanical problem, it’s best to reach out to your HVAC company of choice.

Your go-to air conditioning repair in Midlothian, VA

As we have demonstrated, most air conditioner problems can be quite serious and shouldn’t be handled by a novice. Even if you believe that the reason your AC unit is malfunctioning will require an easy fix, it’s always better to be safe than sorry and get in touch with licensed HVAC professionals in the Richmond area

Once the reliable professionals at Howell’s Heating & Air inspect and resolve your cooling issues, you’ll be free to explore Midlothian Mines Park without having to worry about returning to a stuffy home. Contact us today and see why we’re the best! 

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