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Tips on How to Operate Your Heat Pump

Posted by Rich Krider on December 13, 2012

Your heat pump does not operate like other heating systems. In the heating mode, the heat pump removes heat from outside and transfers it to the air inside. Inthe cooling mde, the heat pump removes heat from the inside air and discharges it to the outside ar. The heating and cooling modes are controlled automatically by the indor thermostat setting.

The coils in your heat pump operate at lower heat levels than fossil fuel (Gas or Propane) systems. Air at the supply registers usually has a temperature ranging from 85° to 110°F in the winter.

Even outside winter air contains some heat. As outside airtemperature drops, the unit runs more to collect and deliver the necessary heat inside your home. Hence, the heatpump moves less heat incold weather. The balance point of the heat pump occurs when at full capacity, it supplies all the heat your home requires. As outside temperature drops below the balance point, the supplemental heat (Electric resistene heat, gas or oil backup) is required to maintain your thermostat setting.

If your heat pump has supplementary electric resistance heaters located in the air distribution system (air handler or fan coil unit), just ask a Howell's technician how the heaters are controlled.

6 Very Easy Tips That Anyone Can Do

  1. Dirt is the #1 cause of system failure. Getting the proper amount of airflow across the indoor and outdoor coils is very important. Check your return air filter(s) every month. If you are using a standard 1" disposable filter then listen up. First, if it is dirty, then change it immediately. But if it is clean, then you should throw it away and BUY A BETTER FILTER! Remember, dirt in a filter is a good thing. That means that the dirt is not in your system. If you filter is clean, then unless you live in a vacuum the dirt is slipping through the cheap filters.
  2. Do not keep lamps near your thermostat. Light bulbs emit heat which is sensed by your thermostat, thus causing your thermostat to reach the set point temperature before the house has reached that temperature. Most digital, or programmable thermostats have a backlit display.
  3. Do not close off more than one supply register at a time, closing off more will restrict airflow too much for efficient operation.
  4. Keep return grilles free of blockage, such as pictures, sofas, or bookcases. Unrestricted airflow needs to flow back to the indoor unit.
  5. If your indoor unit is in your attic or your crawl space, inspect your exposed ductwork. You will lose on average over 35% of your heat through little duct leaks. Most common areas to check - the run-outs or the flexible ducts coming off of the main duct trunk. If you are unsure what you are looking at, or suspect that you have leakage and are not sure how to fix it, give us a call or contact a Howells Technician.
  6. Get on a routine maintenance schedule. Or,invest in your system's future with a maintenance contract, like our Energy Savings Plan Comfort Club Membership.

Your heating system is a very specialized and expensive appliance. These tips will help you, but in case of breakdown you should contact a qualified, NATE Certified company to perform the work. One last tip, yes you are getting 7 tips for the price of 6.

Bonus: If you do require a repair, and do not have a regular service company: when you call, ask if they provide FLAT RATE PRICING! This is your safety blanket. Flat rate pricing is a standardized price book on all HVAC repairs.

The benefit to you is that if whether the repair takes 10 minutes or 5 hours, you are only paying one price. You are not paying the service tech by the hour to milk you.

Here at Howell's Heating & Air, we offer services based on honesty and integrity. We provide HVAC repairs throughout Richmond area. Be it a reliable AC repair for your home in Mechanicsville or a heat pump repair in Midlothian, you can count on us!

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