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Why Do HVAC Equipment Prices Differ from Contractor to Contractor?

Posted by Howell's Heating & Air on August 10, 2017

HVAC Equipment Pricing.jpgWhen consumers decide to buy toaster ovens, televisions and trash compactors, the process is typically to go out, check prices and buy the product with the best price. Price shopping makes the purchase easy: the price tells us who to buy from. But that isn't always the case when it comes to HVAC equipment prices.

HVAC Equipment Pricing

Why does the pricing of HVAC equipment sometimes differ? When it comes to buying a heating and cooling system, price may get you into deep trouble. Many consumers ask us: How can the price of HVAC units be different when all three contractors are quoting the same unit?

Why HVAC Equipment Prices Differ

The answer is easy and difficult at the same time. Heating and cooling systems are not toaster ovens. They do not just come out of the box, plug in and operate. When a contractor estimates a system, the equipment itself is only 40% to 50% of the price. The balance is in design, labor, parts, materials, warranty, wiring, controls and other components.

What's Included in the HVAC Price You Received?

Importance of Customer Satisfaction.jpgWhen an HVAC consumer is presented with a price, it's important to keep in mind that a significant portion of the total bill is for things other than equipment. Much of the cost goes into the installation process. Commonly, when there is a significant difference in price on heating and cooling systems, there is almost always a difference in the scope of the job.

You're Buying More than Just HVAC Equipment

Consumers must take great care in educating themselves on the contractor and their sales representative, because you are not just buying a heating and cooling system, you are buying a contractorYou very well may find yourself working with that HVAC company for years to come. Be sure to ask how much the company charges for HVAC service visits.

Work with an HVAC Company You Trust

Always buy from the contractor in whom you have the most confidence. Period. Be sure that your contractor gets to know you and takes the time to discover how you live, your comfort problems and the overall plans for your home. All of this information will help him or her in the process of designing the system that is just right for you.

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